About Me

gia-marcheesloThey say the grass is always greener on the other side.  This is especially true if you life in a tiny town in northern Arizona where grass (any kind at all) is pretty sparse.  Naturally, since I live in a location that does not offer easy accessibility to interesting cuisine, I crave it.  Constantly.  Thank goodness for the internet!

So here I am sharing with you my adventures in personal culinary expansion. Most of the recipes you’ll view here are my attempts to try something I’ve discovered on my travels.  A lot of the recipes you’ll find on this site will be shared by me from some of my favorite chefs, cooks and food bloggers. Occasionally, you may find a unique recipe I came up with myself.

In addition to cooking and eating food, I enjoy talking about why I like it. I love learning about where my food comes from and why it’s important that I locate the freshest and best ingredients I possibly can. It matters to me.

That’s the food part of the blog, anyway.  As far as the “whine” is concerned, well, that’s just me sharing my thoughts and keeping you updated on the pups, Marcello and Giada.  Welcome aboard and drop us a line sometime!