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gia-marcheesloThey say the grass is always greener on the other side.  This is especially true if you life in a tiny town in northern Arizona where grass (any kind at all) is pretty sparse.  Naturally, since I live in a location that does not offer easy accessibility to interesting cuisine, I crave it.  Constantly.  Thank goodness for the internet!

So here I am sharing with you my adventures in personal culinary expansion. Most of the recipes you’ll view here are my attempts to try something I’ve discovered on my travels.  A lot of the recipes you’ll find on this site will be shared by me from some of my favorite chefs, cooks and food bloggers. Occasionally, you may find a unique recipe I came up with myself.

In addition to cooking and eating food, I enjoy talking about why I like it. I love learning about where my food comes from and why it’s important that I locate the freshest and best ingredients I possibly can. It matters to me.

That’s the food part of the blog, anyway.  As far as the “whine” is concerned, well, that’s just me sharing my thoughts and keeping you updated on the pups, Marcello and Giada.  Welcome aboard and drop us a line sometime!


14 thoughts

  1. Heidi, this is awesome. Yummy Yum Yum. The dishes look soooooooo good.
    You will be going to culinary school before long -Paula Dean will have nothing on you girfriend,. Dakota is such a sweetheart, sorry to hear about the athritis.,
    I am definitely going to try some of your receipes. thanks.

  2. Heidi , I loved when you came over and cooked for your mom and me when i was down there last year. You are an amazing cook.
    I am sorry your beloved Dakota has gone on her own journey without you. I know it is hard to be left behind but she would want you to carry on without her till you meet again. No more pain for Dakota. She is up there with my babies who have chosen to go on ahead of me running jumping and keeping Heaven safe from all those pesky rabbits.

  3. you are awesome with key strokes. Do i see a cook book in the future? this receipe looks awesome. your honesty in this adventure is admirable. am anxious for more of your receipes…. i like that you improvise, we are like you, lots of ingriedients not available in our shopping vincinity, ha, which focuses on Wal-Mart. goodjobHeidi

  4. Hi,
    I represent the Media/net Publisher Partnerships group and am interested in advertising on your website, foodnwhine.com.
    I have reviewed your site and have identified a few opportunities that we would be interested in.
    Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you more details.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  5. I found your article quite insulting, especially as I am trying to do exactly what you’re demanding. I’m especially disappointed because, I’ve never met you, I own the food truck in town and I don’t think you’ve ever stopped by. If you have, then please come by again and introduce yourself. I think we could have a great conversation about what foods we’d like to see in Page.
    Liam Doyle
    Owner of The Cut Bistro

    • Hi, Liam – thanks for commenting on the article. Truly, there was not any intent to single anyone out or insult anyone, it was an article meant to generate conversation on just how difficult it seems to be to bring something new and fresh into the community. The Cut Bistro, to me, is a fantastic breath of fresh air and is the very type of business that I find hopeful to our little food scene. It is one of those places that I believe is going to do extremely well here in Page because you’ve already proven yourself to have generated a pretty serious following :). I have been by the Cut several times, in fact, and I’m a huge fan of the pulled pork sandwich (with chile aoili!). My last visit was at the recent Balloon Festival on Saturday and I once again enjoyed the fare there.

      The food is unique and exciting, as well as extremely affordable. If you scroll down a couple of comments, you’ll find that Rick has found dining in Page frustrating due to what he feels are high prices at some places. I hope he’ll check out The Cut for some great food at great prices.

      There are some great places in town that I feel are going above and beyond the call … and in my article I challenged the local people in Page to frequent them more than they are now.

      And now, I am hungry for that pork sandwich … I’ll come by again soon!


  6. Hello
    I’ve finally set up our website! I hope you enjoy it, I’ll be adding recipes and stories of food trucking in Page AZ

    Liam Doyle

  7. Heidi- I just ran across a recipe for Okonomiyaki . Looks like my kind of cooking. I didn’t see anything on your site about it. Have you made it do you have a favorite version?

    • Hi, Ginger! You know, I have a couple Okonomiyaki recipes in my hip pocket ready for research, but I have not yet had the chance to test-drive them. I’ve got a few “Asian pancakes” under my belt, but they’re derived from Thai and Vietnamese recipes, along with one Korean pancake recipe as well. Here’s one for some coconut-rice crepes I made and put on the blog: http://foodnwhine.com/2013/11/11/coconut-rice-crepes-with-pork/ but it is quite different from Okonomiyaki I think. I’ll definitely keep you posted, though, and this inspires me to get the lead out and try a few of the recipes I’ve stumbled across. Cheers!


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