La BRASA Boston & Daniel Bojorquez’s Honey-Butter-Grilled Chicken Thighs

I never head out on an adventure that leads me away from my tiny, northern Arizona town without putting my nose to the grind-stone and doing some heavy-hitting culinary research. Part of that comes… Continue reading

Nashville-Style Sweet and Spicy Chicken

My dogs have completely lost their patience with me, and I don’t blame them. They are spoiled dogs, so please don’t call up the ASPCA just yet. They are adored, worshiped, snuggled, coddled,… Continue reading

Buckwheat Crêpes

A couple posts ago, I’d mentioned one weekend where I went totally nutballs and tried THREE kitchen techniques which had either stymied me or that I was afraid of trying because the recipe… Continue reading

Sweet Onion “Crack” Dip

What do a girl from Vietnam, a boy from a cattle ranch in northeastern Oregon and a food nerd from Arizona have in common? Apparently we’re gigantic people pleasers. I’ve known this about… Continue reading

Eggs Benedict with Meyer-Lemon Hollandaise

I’ve been a traveling girl for several weeks now, and this past weekend I was home for the first time in over a month and craving my kitchen. When I think about blogging,… Continue reading


Recently, I posted a pic on my Facebook page of one of my latest cooking appliance acquisitions: a Takoyaki pan. Folks were perplexed. “What the heck is it?” they asked. “Oh, nothing much,”… Continue reading

Egg and Anchovy Crostini

  *Spoiler alert! If you don’t like anchovies, and/or you don’t like eating five-minute eggs (yolks with a creamy viscocity), you won’t like this recipe. It’s okay – I think you can not… Continue reading

Pain Perdu (The Best French Toast EVER)

It’s been suggested that I might want to unplug from time to time; turn off the Cooking Channel on TV, take a break from browsing my favorite food blogs on my tablet, alphabetize… Continue reading